About Us


Stormtec promises to make every effort to provide the high-quality products and services that enable a better future for our customers.

Since our company was established in 1999, Stormtec has developed and manufactured water purifier parts, while pursuing continuous research and development and investing in technology. Our efforts have been warmly received by our customers, and the excellence of our technology and quality has been widely recognized. Stormtec products have been used in the products of Korea's largest water purifier companies for more than a dozen years.

Every year since our company was founded, Stormtec has achieved continuous growth in sales, and maintained a differentiated competitiveness based on excellent productivity and technology. We also have obtained NSF/ANSI 51 and 61 certifications for the safety of our drinking water products, securing our competitiveness in domestic and overseas markets.

To achieve quality and technology goals for customer satisfaction, we have set our quality mission as “The best technology and the best products come from me.” We also have set a goal and are achieving zero PPM (parts per million) failures in delivered products.

Stormtec promises to dedicate itself to a better future for our customers through the continuous development of new products and investment in innovative production facilities, to establish ourself as a world-class home appliance parts company.

CEO Kang Ki-hwan, Choi Jun-su